Why Surfers Are Lean? How Surfing Can Help Your Body

Why are surfers so lean?

Surfers have gained a reputation for having great bodies and look. They also care for their nutrition way more than the average sportsperson and embrace their bodies as their temple.

It’s not rare to see ripped surfers walking on the beach. You, on the other hand, exercise three times each week and still feel self-conscious about removing your shirt at the beach – I know because I was exactly this kind of person.

And though surfing is often seen as a leisurely activity, it is actually quite an intense sport – surfers must be in excellent physical condition to perform at their best.

In this post, I will demonstrate four reasons why surfing can lead to a lean and ripped body physique.

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Surfing As a Professional Athlete And As a Hobby

Before we begin, it’s fair to say that for some, surfing is a professional competitive sport while for some surfing is nothing but a hobby.

It makes sense why competitive athletes are in good shape, as they work out every day and are always in chase of getting better results.

Of those who take surfing as a hobby, the majority, are not the most ripped persons on earth – some sports are more suitable for getting ripped and lean, but it is widely known and seen on the beach that for a hobby, it does affect positively your body.

Now we can start!

Cross Training That Requires Core Muscles And Cardio Fitness

When surfers are in the water they are required to paddle. A lot. You must both push off the board and paddle with your arms.

To get inside you need to use your deltoids, triceps, and biceps, then later when a wave’s coming you need to use your super paddling power to catch it.

Getting up and standing on the board also requires your chest, legs, and abdominals – therefore multiple muscles are put to work.

And that’s just for one wave, let’s assume you caught it – now you need to paddle your way back inside (against the waves) and do it all over again.

It requires balance, strength, and stamina to stay on the board, get up, and navigate through the waves.

When you ride the waves, This constant use of your muscles helps to tone and sculpt your body into the lean and ripped physique that is so often associated with surfers.

So we can see that surfing, as a hobby or as a profession, is an activity that works out your entire body – it’s a full-body plus cardio workout.

Surfers become lean from their workouts and getting lean aids surfing – any sports benefits from increased strength and slimness.

Another advantage is that health and longevity are by-products of this process, as surfing can get your heart pumping and requires cardiovascular fitness, which is essential for your health. No wonder professional surfers have some of the best physiques.

Being In The Water Increase Resistance

Water is around 800 times denser than air, which means it is much more difficult to move through. When you paddle out to the waves, you must use more force than if you were running on land.

This extra resistance helps to build muscle and strength, especially in the arms and shoulders.

In addition, when you are surfing you must constantly adjust your body position and balance on the board, which uses your stabilizer muscles.

Being in the water can also help to improve your posture and might prevent injuries (important to note that any sports activities can result in injury, so take care and don’t do anything that slightly hurts you).

Surfing is not only a great hobby, but it helped me personally strengthen my back – you have to stay on your board and paddle, which makes causes your back to stay flat and your head up, while also provided with resistance from being in the water and workout your joints.

Also, if you surf in colder waters, your body must work harder to maintain its internal temperature. To do this, your metabolism speeds up and you burn more calories.

This process is called thermogenesis, and it helps to boost weight loss and increase lean muscle mass. It might be a bit of a shock at first, but you’ll soon get used to it, especially with a wetsuit.

Your Body Is Your Temple

Many people who surf also live a healthy lifestyle – they eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water.

They take care of their bodies because they know that it helps them to surf better. When you are healthy and fit, you have more energy and endurance to put towards your surfing.

Eating well, getting enough sleep, and being in shape are the 3 most important elements for the surfer.

His body is his temple which means that they will take care of their body because if they do not, it will affect their surfing performance.

Sleep is important for any athlete, therefore for surfers, even for those who surf as a hobby. When you are tired, your reflexes are slowed and you are more likely to make mistakes.

This can be dangerous when you are out in the waves. eating well is also important because it gives you the energy you need to stay under the sun for hours and stay on your board for hours.

A healthy diet is also important for your mental health. When you eat nutritious foods, your brain functions better and you can make quick decisions while surfing. This is essential when you are trying to catch a wave or avoid a wipeout.

Passion That Drives Action

So we covered that surfing is a sort of exercise that helps surfers to get lean and in shape. But how do they do it regularly?

Surfers are passionate about their sport, which helps to keep them motivated to stay in shape.

When you are passionate about something, you are more likely to put in the extra effort to get better at it.

This passion is what helps surfers to stay in shape and improve their skills while making surfing such an enjoyable activity.

Surfers are usually very dedicated to their sport – when a good swell is out there, you might be losing some other events just for the sake of surfing.

It’s not every day that there are good waves out. Well, that’s nature – when it delivers, you consume it when you can.

When you love what you do, it’s easy to find the motivation to keep doing it. Being passionate about something (just anything!) also helps surfers to push themselves to their limits and improve their skills.

In life, it’s important to have that fire in yourself to do something that makes you feel good. Having a positive attitude, and being able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and act, can also make you live a better positive life. Remember: Motivation is the result of being happy and having the will to act.


We can see that there are many reasons why surfers are lean. The obvious reason is the nature of the workout, but it is not only because of the physical activity but also the lifestyle that comes with it.

Their healthy lifestyle and passion drive them to do better. Adopting surfing as a lifestyle not only gives you ripped abs and lats but also unbelievable cardiovascular endurance and joy.

If you’re not surfing yet, It’s a great workout that you will enjoy. Be sure to take care of your body and mind, and you might get ripped even if you didn’t mean to.