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Every surfer needs a surf hoodie to pair with their favorite clothing outfits, especially for those cold days. Whether you need a thick, warm, and soft vintage surfing hoodie to keep you cozy during winter or a comfy pullover to keep in your bag in case the weather turns, you can find the perfect surfer hoodie for you with an added touch of style. Shop your new brand surf hoodie from our collection below.

Hoodies are also considered sweatshirts and they come in different styles.

A hoodie with a zipper is called a zip-up hoodie while one without is referred to as a pullover hoodie.

The hoodie pullover originated in the 1930s and was used by US workers in cold New York warehouses.

The name comes from the hood, which when you pull it up it covers most of your head, neck, and sometimes your face.

Equipped with a drawstring the hood can be adjusted for a personalized fit.

Hoodies seamlessly blend style and function offering a fashionable look with various colors and designs while providing protection against the cold, rain or wind.

Surf hoodies elevate this combination of comfort and style to the next level.

They become the go-to choice for those aiming to stay warm and look cool after and before cold weather surfing sessions, ensuring both warmth and comfort for the chilly days and gusty winds while making a stylish statement.

The cost of a surf hoodie can vary, typically ranging from $30 to $180 or more.

The materials used in a hoodie play a significant role in defining the price, and brand reputation is also a key factor.

Hoodies made from organic cotton or specialty fabrics tend to be more expensive while intricate designs or unique prints can add to the overall cost.

The method of production like if the hoodie is handmade, ethically sourced or produced using sustainable practices, can influence the cost of the hoodie.

Hoodies are made from a mix of materials, including cotton, polyester, fleece, and French terry. Most of the hoodies are crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester.

When choosing a surf hoodie, material is key for comfort and style.

Valued for its softness, cotton brings a cozy touch against the skin, making it an excellent choice for surfers seeking post-session comfort or a casual fashion statement.

Its absorbent qualities ensure a quick dry that's ideal for chilly beach mornings or after a refreshing surf session.

Along with this, polyester known for durability and moisture-wicking capabilities which adds resilience against the unpredictable coastal weather.

This balanced blend of cotton's comfort and polyester's functionality provides warmth and ensures the hoodie stands up to the demands of surfers in varied conditions.

Hoodies come in different sizes, from S to XXL and sometimes more.

Choose a standard fit for a comfy and versatile look, while those after a trendy, relaxed style might prefer an oversized fit.

Some people go for a bigger size for extra comfort, leaving plenty of space for layering underneath.

On the flip side, a snug fit is favored by those wanting to stay warm and protect against the cold.

When it comes to cleaning your hoodie, especially those made from a common blend of cotton and polyester, following the right washing routine is important for maintaining both fabric quality and fit.

Begin by checking the care label for specific instructions.

To maintain your hoodie's freshness and prevent shrinking, fading or loss of softness we advise that you:

  1. Limit Washing: Avoid washing your hoodie after every wear to preserve its color and fabric quality. Frequent washing can lead to fading, pilling, and loss of shape.
  2. Inside Out: Turn your hoodie inside out before tossing it in the washer. This protects the outer layer, preventing color bleeding and friction against other garments.
  3. Cold Water Wash: Opt for a cold water wash on a gentle cycle. Cold water minimizes the risk of shrinkage and fading, especially for cotton materials, while also reducing wrinkles and saving energy costs.

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