Our Story

Inspired by the endless chase of perfect waves in multiple destinations around the world, Surfcasual was founded and officially launched in 2022 after an unforgettable surf trip to Sri Lanka back in 2019.

We were captivated by the magical experience of embracing simplicity, chill, and good vibes, which embarked us on a mission to change the aggressive nature that has infiltrated the lineup and surfing culture.

We believe that surfing should be a realm of pure excitement and fulfillment, where a laid-back attitude, serenity, and positivity reign supreme.

As passionate surfers ourselves, we have firsthand experience of the negative impact that aggression can have on the surfing community.

It takes away from the true essence of riding the waves—the freedom, the connection with nature, and the camaraderie among fellow surfers.

With this burning desire for change, we transformed our love for surfing into Surfcasual — a brand that embodies the very spirit we hold dear.

Our aim is to raise awareness about reducing aggressiveness in the lineup and to advocate for a community where surfers of all levels, whether beginners, casual riders, or intermediate, share the awesomeness we experience on our boards, learn and apply the principles of surfing etiquette while showing respect to each other, and create a surfing culture that thrives on positivity, happiness, and leaves toxic behavior behind.

Life is already filled with enough stress and panic; we believe that surfing should provide an escape from that. It’s time to cut through the chaos and embrace the chill aloha vibes that cherish the present moment.

Surfcasual serves as a platform to deliver this message and allows you to carry the surf vibes wherever you go. Whether it’s your after-work attire or your weekend look, our clothing seamlessly fits into your day-to-day life, inspired by those casual days when you can truly be yourself.

By choosing Surfcasual, you’re not just wearing a brand – you’re joining a movement. We invite you to explore our blog posts and social media platforms, where we share stories and tips on how to bring the stoke back into your life.

Together, let’s reclaim the essence of surfing and create a supportive and inclusive community.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side, where the waves are calling and the good vibes never cease.