Why Do Surfers Wear Flip Flops?

Why do surfers wear flip flops?

Surfers like flip flops. I mean, they really like them and not just because they are convenient for this sport, but they also wear them after a good (or a bad) session.

Wearing flip flops is a vibe more than a necessity, but not only that. in this blog post, we will explore the reasons why surfers love to wear flip flops and why they always have a pair with them or many in their home (or van, could be a possibility).

History of Wearing Flip Flops

Flip flops have been worn for thousands of years, dating back to depictions of them in ancient Egyptian murals from 4,000 BC making the ancient Egyptians the first culture to be documented wearing flip flops.

A pair discovered in Europe was composed of papyrus leaves and estimated to be 1,500 years old. They have been made out of a wide range of materials throughout the ages. Sandals produced by the ancient Egyptians were created from papyrus and palm leaves.

In the recent era, flip-flops first became popular in the United States after World War II, as soldiers returning from Japan brought back traditional Japanese zōri sandals.

They gained prominence as unisex summer footwear starting in the 1960s and raised in popularity, being associated with the California beach lifestyle.

Even though you may be familiar with the term from the great 1964 Beach Boys song, “All Summer Long” which mentions “T-shirts, cut-offs, and a pair of thongs” – The term flip-flop has been used in both American and British English since the 1960s to describe thong sandals or those without heel straps.

They’re also commonly known as slides, sliders, or slip-on sandals. The flip-flop name may be due to the imitation of the sound made by these types of sandals when walking in them.

How Flip Flops Became a Part of The Surf Culture

It’s a common sight on the beach – surfers in their boardshorts, paddling in and out to the waves, catching the nicest swell, and later taking a rest.

On their way to the beach, or when they finished a good session, they are on their way back home in their car, van, or by foot.

They somehow reached the beach. Most of the time, you’ll see them with a pair of flip flops. But why?


One of the main reasons why flip flops are part of the surf culture is because it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s perfect to use when you’re on your way to the beach and when you’re done surfing.

They are easy to put on and take off and make them easy to walk by the beach. The sand is hard to travel on with anything on your foot. With flip flops, you can just take them off.


Another reason why flip flops are popular among surfers is that they are relatively inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good pair of flip flops that will last you a long time.

Most of the time there aren’t too many materials needed to make a flip flop, meaning it’s cheaper than any other footwear. It’s practical and easy to carry around.

Care-free mentality

Flip flops give you a sense of freedom and relaxation that you can’t get from any other type of shoe.

They also let your feet breathe, which is important when you’re might be spending time working in an office or anywhere that requires hard shoes.

They just make you feel good – even when the summer ends, they remind you of the good old summer days spent at the beach with your friends and family.

So next time you see a surfer wearing flip flops, don’t be surprised – it’s all part of the vibe.


Flip flops have been around for a long time and have been popular in the United States. They became popular in the last few decades when soldiers returned from Japan and brought back traditional Japanese zōri sandals. They rose in popularity in the 1960s and are now commonly used across the globe.

Flip flops have been a mainstay of surf culture for many years because they are comfortable, practical, and affordable.

They let your feet breathe and provide a sense of freedom and relaxation that is unmatched by any other type of shoe.

Next time you’re on the beach, take a look at the surfers – most of them will be wearing flip flops. Even better, next time someone around you wonder why surfers love flip flops, you’ll know the answer!

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