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Is Surfing Similar To Skateboarding?

Is surfing similar to skateboarding?

Surfing and skateboarding are like long-lost siblings – they share a lot of the same DNA, but they each have their own unique quirks and personalities. They’re both about riding waves, but one involves water and the other involves pavement. They both require balance, skill, and a willingness to wipe out spectacularly. In this post, [Read More…]

How Surfing Is Scored? Understand Surfing Competitions Rules

How surfing is scored?

Are you ready to ride the waves and claim your spot as the ultimate surfer? Well, before you start shredding, you need to know how surfing is scored. Unlike other sports that rely on a clear-cut numerical system to determine the winner, surfing is judged by a panel of experts who rate a surfer’s performance [Read More…]